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  1. As an owner you can let your property legally, either by weeks or days, if you get the tenant to sign a Rental Contract according to the Law of Urban Rentals (Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos), This law was passed on the 24th November (Law 29/1994) and applies all over Spain. The article 3/2 of this law states: This law applies especially to the rental of urban properties during a season regardless of whether this is Summer or any other time of the year. In addition: a) It is not necessary to have any permission or license from any Official Department. B) It is not necessary to pay VAT and retention as for letting the property on the Tax Return one only has to declare 'ingresos por arrendamiento'(income from rents). And much more with the new Law 4/2013, de 04 de junio.

  2. Perfectproperties4u.com offers you its services as an intermediary for holiday rentals according to the aforementioned law. in the following manner:

    1. You can contact us at this number (0034) 610 201816 every day of the week from 9 - 1 pm and from 4 – 7 pm . Our web page is: www.perfectproperties4u.com and e-mail: info@perfectproperties4u.com .

    2. We will personally visit your property and categorize it and give you some more information.

    3. In a few days we will make you a written PROPOSAL in our office which you will be able to take away with you and decide whether or not to accept or reject it.

    4. If you decide to accept our proposal we will draw up a contract for 'Cristina López Provenzal'. At this point you give us a copy of the keys to your property so we can take photographs and write the description which we will then put onto Internet and offer it to the Agencies which we work with in Germany and England . All these services are free to our owners. The calendar showing when the property is occupied will always be available on Internet. As an owner you can also take direct bookings without any extra cost.

OUR CONDITIONS AND SERVICES: A) To the Owner: 1) We can take care of the cleaning and maintenance of your pool and garden and we will charge you directly. 2)If anything needs to be mended we can arrange to have it done for you and will charge you directly. 3) We will draw up for you the Rental Agreement for a property which is not your permanent home and we will accompany the tenant to the property. 4)We will arrange for the tenant to pay us for the electricity consumed and we will pay it directly to the Owner.

B) Our commercial relations: 1)We have agreements with more than 20 Agents.

C) The tenant will pay the rent into the Owner´s bank account.

D) Technical Services : 1) We can arrange to have any necessary repairs done and also we can do installations of new equipment. 2) Cleaning of the Garden and Pool: We will control the quality of the work done by anybody we send to do repairs/maintenance and use only trusted and competent companies.

We are compatible with the ETV: according to the Article 50/2 of the Law 8/2012 of 19 de Julio which refers to the rental of properties for holidays.

We know where we are and what we want: Our aim is to give an excellent service to our owners and their tenants whose satisfaction will always be our priority.

Kind regards from perfectproperties4u.